Technical Support

Special silicone rubber ingredient:
General Silicone Co., Ltd. is a major distributor of silicone rubber material representing many leading suppliers for over 30years. We can arrange the special ingredient according to hardness, color, tensile strength, the force of restitution, as well as other special potency.

Formation Technology:
Calender: Products are various silicone plates and sheets, for exampl es the silicone rubber spacer (for LCD), thermally conductive release sheet (for ACF), ther mal interface material as well as other sheets for industry and livelihood.

Compression Molding: Different shapes of silicone parts, for instance, keypads, dampers, rollers for electronic product parts and silicone nipple, silicone wrist link for livelihood .

Injection: The products are same as the Molding products. The main difference is solid-state silicone raw material or liquid-state silicone raw material.

Extrusion: The products are silicone rubber strips and tubes. We can make three kinds of color extrusion at the same time such as the seal with the side strip and the silicone rubber tube connected drinking fountain.

Additional processing technology:
Including printing, Laser carving, sprays coating, gravure coating, gum, attrition, fitting, die-cutting and so on.